A List Of Interesting Factoids About Casinos

In this guide, I will be discussing some very impressive factoids about the fantastic world of casinos. Some of them will really blow you away, but some of them will certainly make you think. The casino industry is definitely an industry that has a lot of fun and exciting news. You can do whatever you feel like doing, in a casino. A lot of things that are illegal on the outside, our legal inside a casino. You can eat some of the best food and also drink some of the best drinks in a casino. They also offer you free alcoholic beverages, to make you lose your age. Casinos treat you well because they want you inside. They can make more money off of you, when you are inside longer. The most prominent form of income for a casino is the income that they get from the patrons.

Let me go ahead and state some interesting factoids about casinos.

  1. Did you know that the total amount of roulette wheel numbers would be triple six? There are so many superstitions about gambling that are flying about, and there is no wonder that summer favourite casino games are associated with some mystical features as well. The number of the beast can actually be found in every single casino wheel. The roulette wheel has also been named a devils wheel.
  2. Did you know that casinos are actually illegal in Japan? The Japanese people have developed a loophole which allows them to play with slot machines. Casinos are illegal in the entire country.
  3. The tiniest casino ever was actually built in the back of a London taxi. It had a dealer, a bar, a table and even a TV which broadcast some sports channels. This taxi used to go all around London, looking for customers.
  4. The first Las Vegas casino licence was actually given to a woman.
  5. Napoleon Bonaparte used to love playing blackjack.
  6. You would be incredibly mistaken if you thought that the gambling capital of the world is Las Vegas. Las Vegas might actually be really popular for being the one with the most extravagant casinos are there, but the gambling capital of the world goes to the Chinese City, Macau.
  7. Las Vegas happens to be the most profitable gambling city in the world. It is even more profitable than Monaco, Macau, Canada and London.
  8. The sandwich was first invented in a casino. A player asked the chef to prepare food that was easy to eat with one hand. The chef brought out two slices of bread with some filling in the middle. Hence the sandwich was born.

These were some factors that I thought would be interesting for people to know.

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